3 Reasons To Say Yes To Wooden Watches

Maryam N. 14/05/19

A wood watch means a timepiece in which wood is incorporated in the design. A wood watch has its casing and often strap made of wood. However, the internal mechanism of the wood watch is almost the same as any other conventional watch. Wood is a versatile and sustainable material used by human beings since they started making tools.

A wooden watch is such an accessory that you can keep wearing for a very long time. They spice up your boring work robes and makes you look fashionable and classy. Though most of the wooden watches are hand-crafted, such watches are less expensive than most of the other conventional watches. Thus, you don’t have to spend much to look stylish and cool. Given below are some reasons why you should say yes to a wooden watch.

They Are Unique And Natural

Wood watches are unique as the material they are made from was once a living object. Thus, the raw material of a wooden watch grew naturally as opposed to being manufactured.

Plastic or metal watches are made in quantities which make them financially viable. It means that all such watches are the same are mirror images of other watches like them. Even the watches that are most expensive and called quality watches, are polished and machined to precise specifications and measurements.

The grain by which a wooden watch is made is different in each watch. Thus, no two wooden watches will be the same and you would own something totally unique.

They Are Sustainable

As you know that wood is considered a naturally renewable resource. Hence, wooden watches are usually made either by sustainable sources or from some previously-used source.  By sustainable source, we mean that the trees which were cut down to make the wooden watch were replaced by new plants. That’s how the forests are managed to not let the resources deplete. The lack of this practice will result in loss of natural habitats, reduction in the forest diversity and disturbance of the indigenous people. It also causes harm to the ecosystem of the earth which is responsible for sustaining all our lives.

They Are Lightweight

The metal watches are usually quite heavy. This is because their raw material is quite dense so they weigh more. This is opposed to wood which is a less dense material. Thus when you wear a wooden watch, it feels light and pleasant though its internal mechanisms are still made of metal.

Chunky designs or watches with large faces are quite popular nowadays. So if you wear a metal watch with a large face, it will definitely feel heavy. But the weight will be gone with a wooden watch and you will feel as you are not wearing a watch at all.

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