An Introduction To Analog Quartz Watch

Maryam N. 23/04/19

A quartz analog watch is the first one which comes in mind when people think about watches. The quartz analog quartz is a battery-operated watch and it features a face with rotating hands. Such watches have an abundant range of designers and styles. They include brand-less souvenir watches, Swatch, Timex,  Swiss Army,  Mercier, and Raymond Weil and Baume. They also differ in cost depending upon their brand, case material, face and bracelet of the watch and the craftsmanship.

The rotating hands or arms used to indicate time by a numbered scale around the outside of the dial is referred to as Analog.  The part that is behind the dial actually determines the time and is referred to as Quartz. The quartz powered devices were the most accurate and easiest to produce and generally supplanted most other devices. 

Movement Of The Watch

The caliber or movement of a clock refers to the mechanism of the watch which makes it tick. It is often described as the heart of the watch. the movement or caliber is the mechanism of the watch that drives the hands or arms on the face of the watch as well as powers it other complications like chronograph, a dual time zone or calendar. Though most people buy watches based on their appearance or exterior look, there are some who look for the mechanism of the watch. A large part of the life of a watchmaker is spent in designing the watch’s interior meticulously. There are carefully crafted mechanisms behind a masterpiece and only a few people are aware of these intricacies. These mechanisms separate classic watches from mediocre watches.

Quartz Movement

The Japanese watchmakers, Seiko, were the first one to introduce the quartz movement in 1969. The traditional timepiece houses were challenged by the launch of this new technology. Before this technology, they relied on mechanical movement in order to power their watches. Following Seiko, many other noted watch companies also launched their editions of quartz timepieces. This started the age of battery-operated wristwatches.

Pros Of An Analog Quartz Watch

An analog quartz watch ensures superior accuracy as it tells the exact time and bare veers. Because of their being battery-operated, human intervention is not required to keep the watch ticking. Such watches are also low maintenance as they have a battery and less moving parts. Quartz watches are also somewhat cheaper than mechanical and automatic watches as they need less skill and watchmaking hours. Analog quartz watch is also durable because of a less number of moving parts than a mechanical watch. if you are looking forward to buying an analog quartz watch, check the Valdilucciole - Analog Quartz Watch at our website.


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