Cufflinks: A Style Statement For Men

Maryam N. 19/04/19  

Accessories are critical for a stylish outfit to rock. They add details to your style and makes your appearance classy.  Such an accessory is cufflinks which are worn by men as a decorative fastener.  They are used to fasten the two sides of the cuffs. Cufflinks have a great impact on your style and define your sense of fashion.

Cufflink shirts were first introduced in the 16th century. These shirts were fastened together with cuff strings. With the passage of time, the shape of the cufflinks kept changing and in 1715, a somewhat similar type of cufflinks was introduced which is common today.

Why Cufflinks Are Worn?

Cufflinks are considered as style symbol of well-groomed men and they represent their style and sophistication. This piece of men’s accessory exudes class and elegance and it makes the common clothes worn at work to stand out. Cufflinks also speak about a man’s taste and his eye for detail and colors.

Cufflinks Types

There are several types of cufflinks. Some of them are

  • Hinged-Back (Bullet Back) Cufflinks
  • Chain-On
  • Push-Through
  • Snap-On (Double faced) Cufflinks

How to Choose Cufflinks

You should keep in mind the following factors in mind while choosing cufflinks to wear.


Cufflinks are being used for both informal and formal events. For example, you can wear them to wedding dinners, office, wedding dinners, Christmas gatherings or even at the fancy dress parties. The common colors used for formal wearing are silver, blue and black accompanied by small crystals. Muted colors and subtle designs are best for formal use. For fancy dress parties or informal dinners, it is advised to wear bright crystals, designs, and crystals. Check out Globe-Earth Cufflinks for such occasions.


Color of shirt is also considered while choosing cufflinks. The easiest and safest colors to match are whitesilver,  blue and black. If you are buying a gift for an almost stranger, stick to these colors. The most sought after designs are silver and black with crystals or pure silver. Sydney and London cufflinks are best for such purposes.

More stylish men can choose brighter colors like pink/red and they should wear them with matching ties and shirts.


Cufflinks reflect the taste or hobbies of a person. For example, people who are interested in sports usually wear such cufflinks who represent sports. Likewise, if you are a fan of Games of Thrones, you can choose Game of Thrones Stark Cufflinks from our website. 

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