Men’s Vest: A Stylish Accessory Of Your Wardrobe

A vest is a tailored piece of menswear which makes a man look stylish. The vest makes your look complete and elegant and highlights the aspects of the figure. A vest can beat dress codes and social situations as well as gives you room to experiment yet remaining stylish. It’s a common notion that dress vests are only for formal dressing or can be only wore by dignified or older gentleman. However, this concept is rapidly changing as the stylish young urbanites are adopting this stylish piece of menswear.

Given below are some tips how you can wear a vest to get a devilishly stylish look.

It Should Be A Good Fit

An ideal vest should cover your entire waist and your shirt or extra cloth should not be peeking out of it. Make sure that your shirt is tucked tightly and is not lose when you wear a vest as it will give an untidy look. Secondly, also make sure that your vest fits you properly. For example, if you wear a vest whose shoulders are too long then it would trouble you under a coat. That’s why go for a tailored piece for a good fit. You can also order them online on our website.

Get The Right Piece

How you wear your vest is also quite critical to your overall look. The main purpose of a vest is to have a put together look. So, it’s better to wear the vest with all buttons done. Some people also prefer to leave the first button undone in order to avoid pulling the fabric of the shirt each time you lift up your arms. The other important thing is picking up the right piece. Otherwise you will end up looking like a waiter. To avoid this, select the material according to the season like whipcord or cotton for summer. Likewise, select tweed or corduroy for winter. Also pair the vest with proper items. Check out 9-Color Men's Business Casual Slim Vests S-6XL on our website.

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