Why It’s Better To Write Using A Fountain Pen

Using a fountain pen while putting aside a ballpoint pen for writing is quite similar to using a straight or safety razor while putting aside a cartridge razor for shaving. In both cases, you have to pay more attention or have more skill to use the tool, but the results are sharper and the experience is divine.

In recent times, the fountain pens are back and are even better than before. Modern Fountain pens are not only easy to use but also have lots of advantages. Fountain pens are best for comfort use, for cursive writing and most importantly don’t clutter your desk. They also last longer, and in some cases, they even last longer than a person. Though they are commonly believed to be quite expensive, most of the reliable brands are available in modest prices and their repairing costs are also quite minimal. Given below are some reasons to why it’s better to write using a fountain pen.

It Gives A Better Feeling

You will definitely feel better to write with a fountain pen instead of a ballpoint as you don’t have to apply pressure while writing. As you don’t need to press down harder while writing, you can keep writing for longer hours without getting tired. Your writing will also be more in flow while using a tool whose flow is easier.

It’s Environment-Friendly

When you are done with a ballpoint, you throw it in the trash. It increases environmental pollution. On the other hand, fountain pens are refillable and reusable. You can use them again and again and don’t have to worry about recycling them. Just refill the ink and your pen is back in the business.

It’s Economical

As ballpoints are disposables, you kept losing them often and often have to throw away while they are half empty. Likewise, you have to spend money to buy a new one once one ballpoint is finished. But that is not the case with the fountain pens. They are a once in a lifetime investment. Once you buy a fountain pen you can keep using them for ages and hence they prove to be economical in the long run. Some fountain pens even become a family heirloom as they kept passing from generation to generation.

Better Cursive Handwriting

Fountain pens make your cursive handwriting better as you don’t have to apply pressure while writing. This allows to write with ease and flow and your handwriting also improves. If you want to improve your handwriting along with having a divine experience as well, check out Gemini - Fountain Pen and other fountain pens on our website.

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